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Finishing S1 & Starting S2

Mike Simpson

January 14, 2022

For those who have not met Joey, he is a sugarglider. I’ll miss him when we go back to in-person learning….


Please add any questions, items that come to mind to this ES Collaborative Agenda. The idea is that once we have a few things to discuss that can’t be addressed by email, we will meet.

Patty’s Presentation on Supporting Students

I’m sure what we covered this morning was a review of your daily practices already, but if you wish to check out the information again or look at the links, here is the presentation.
Also, attached this the list of new students to ISY for this and last year.  Please connect the new students with buddies to help with their transition.  
Good luck as we manage this new challenge!
Warmly, Patty

2 Week Transition Schedule

We will start Semester 2 with the below transition schedule. The grades in the boxes will attend school in-person on campus. Online learning will continue for other grades.

These days will follow the Semester 2 (Q3 & 4) Schedule below.

Semester 2 (Q3 & 4) Schedule

Here is the link to the ES Semester 2 Schedule which is also soon available on the Elementary School Faculty Pages.

This schedule will start on January 24. We want this schedule to work as well as it can for everyone so please let me know ASAP if you have any questions, spot any issues or possible improvements.

Semester 2 (Q3 & 4) Teaching Teams & Spaces

Here is the link to the ES Semester 2 Teaching Teams & Spaces document which is also soon available on the Elementary School Faculty Pages.

Collecting International Orders

  • Date of Distribution – Tuesday Jan 18 (ES), Wednesday Jan 19 (HS)
  • Orders are in the Yoga room (SAS Building). Faculty will come to check out materials and support staff will bring them to classrooms.

 Friday Emails + Quarter 2 Offline Learning

We will send out detailed subject emails this Friday. We will use the Semester 1 Subject Report Comments to summarize what has happened over the Semester. 

I will send out templates to use earlier next week.

ISY Annual Compassion Conference

Friday, March 4

This will be organized under the umbrella of ISY Definition of Compassion: The will and understanding to respect and value the identity, culture, perspective, and experience of others in acting to make a positive difference to their lives.

In addition to a key-note speaker addressing resilience in young people and an ISY student panel presenting on LGBTQ+ issues, teacher workshops will be an important part of this conference. 

Teacher workshops might relate to any of our ISY Inclusive Practices and will be organized under the following strands:

    • Inclusion
    • Service
    • Diversity

Workshops can focus on anything under these strands and we are particularly interested in workshops on the following:

    • Responsive Classroom Strategies
    • Science of Learning – memory, etc.
    • Teaching Creativity
    • Integrating Technology

Our TIF team of Ian and Lindsey will be helping us put this day together and will be popping into classes from time to time to get ideas and encourage teachers. Please reach out to them if you have an idea you would like some support with – whether you intend to present it or not on March 4.

      Quarter 2 Schedule

      Here is the link to the ES Quarter 2 Schedule which is also available on the Elementary School Faculty Pages.

      This schedule ends on Friday, January 21.

      Semester 1 (Q1 + Q2) Reports

      Here are the overviews for Semester 1 Report Writing:


      By 12pm on Wednesday, January 12: Subject Comments to be completed. 

      By 12pm on Friday, January 21: Individual Student Comments to be completed. Please share your Google Document directly with Mike as soon as you have completed your comments.

      By 12pm on Tuesday, January 25: Individual Student Comments and Grades to be entered into Powerschool.

      Reports go out on Friday, January 28

       Reading Levels – January 2022

      It is time to reassess our students’ reading levels. This is important data to be recorded on this Elementary Reading Levels (2021-2022) Spreadsheet. There are obvious challenges to doing this quickly online so please focus first on those students who you might require additional support in the second half of the year.

      Interdisciplinary Units

      Curriculum Maps and Scope and Sequences

      Here is where you can find our Curriculum Maps These will be updated up to Quarter 2 using our Subject Blurbs from Semester 1 reports.

      Here is where you can find our Q3 Scope and Sequence

      To fill out this year’s Q3 Scope and Sequence, you might want to refer to the skills you focused on this time last year in this Q3 Scope and Sequence 2020-2021.

      Please link your planning to the Scope and Sequence as you did for our Q2 Scope and Sequence. We want to give you some autonomy as to how you organize your planning and resources but your planning needs to be in an ISY Shared Drive. 

      Please also check off the standards that you intend to cover in your subject in Quarter 3. Please make sure there is an ‘x’ in the second column of any standard you will cover in these Grade Level Standards Checklists.

      From our TIFs

      Both Ian and Lindsey have new teaching responsibilities for Semester 2. This might mean one of the another are unavailable to immediately help with an issue. 

      If you have a technology issue that is not urgent, email

      If you have an urgent technology issue, the best thing to do is send a Google Hangout message to Lindsey, Ian, and Anshu. That way you have 3 chances that someone is available when you need them. 

      – – – –

      Here are a curated list of helpful links for students and families as we begin the year. These videos can be helpful as you share information with them. 

      From the Library

      Lindsey and Christian in the library would be very happy to help get books to you that you might want to read to your class or have your students read. These books can be scanned so they can be used online so let them know if you are looking for something.

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