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Conferences Over and Out

Sandy Sheppard , Elementary School Principal

16th November, 2022

‘Dear all,

Thank you for your time yesterday for the parent/teacher conferences. I know the parents appreciated them.

There are no meetings on Monday except for some committee meetings. If you are involved in those, you would have received an invitation. Instead, there will be a meeting on Thursday afternoon at 2:45 in the Cafeteria around the SDGs. This should finish by 3:45.


Please keep in mind there is a dress code for staff; professional dress is required. See the handbook information below:

‘The International School Yangon (ISY) is judged by the appearance of its students and faculty (both inside and outside the institution). ISY is considered a professional environment, and care should be taken with regard to clothing and attire worn on campus.  Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts are examples of clothing considered too casual for the environment at ISY. Care should be taken in the choice of attire to ensure discernment from the students’. 

Physical Education Teachers and Coaches may wear athletic attire appropriate to execute their job effectively within the parameters of taste, appropriate length, and comfort taken into consideration.

Coaches are expected to wear ISY-branded clothing when representing the school at sporting events. 

If you ever see any maintenance issues around the school, e.g., broken equipment, hazards, etc. Please inform the office so that they can be followed up.


I wish you a very relaxing 4-day break.



The parent blog can be found on the faculty pages if you want to check the information sent home to parents.

Here is the link



There will be a practice of the earthquake drill on the 21st of November at 1:30 PM. Please review the drill with your student’s first thing in the morning on Monday.

Here is the link Earthquake Drill


See below information that is in our parent/student handbook related to birthdays and food fyi.


Students are welcome to celebrate their birthdays with their classmates. We ask parents to
communicate in advance with their child’s teacher so a suitable time can be found, usually at the end
of a day.
We ask parents to use reusable plates and utensils in keeping with our no single-use plastics policy
and avoid soft drinks.


A healthy diet helps a child learn so we encourage and support parents to provide healthy food
options for their children. Please note that we ask students to not chew gum.


EARCOS Articles Wanted

Greetings from EARCOS!
We are rapidly approaching December 1, 2022, the deadline for submitting articles and art for the Winter Issue of the ET Journal.

Here are some of the features:

Curriculum Initiatives – New and exciting adoption efforts, and creative teacher ideas.

Green and Sustainable – Related to campus development and/or curriculum.

Service Learning Projects – Educational approach where a student learns theories in the classroom and at the same time volunteers with an agency (usually a non-profit or social service group).

Action Research Reports – Summaries of approved action research projects

Student Art – We will highlight MS art in Winter issue.

Student Writing – Original short stories, poetry, scholarly writing.

Reading Corner – Book review

For more information on how to contribute to the ET Journal click here and also please let Sandy or Mike know.


17th – 21st – No school (see you on Monday 21st)

21st – Earthquake Drill 1:30 PM

21st to 25th – Sign up for vision and hearing test

24th November – Afternoon school meeting at 2:45 – 3:45 in Cafeteria, SDGs Workshop

26th November – International Day – all are expected to attend

2nd December – Next assembly and Student Council Elementary Movie Night

16th December – last day of school – this is a full day of school. There will be an assembly at the end of the day; this is where we will celebrate the holiday. Santa will visit the assembly.


This year’s Compassion Conference will be on Friday, February 3.

More details will follow, but I wanted to introduce our keynote speaker. Kathryn Berkett will speak to us in 2 workshops:

The Impact of Early Development

Adolescent Brain Changes

Kathryn will be able to provide us with some insights into how our students’ brains function and develop. These insights will be directly applicable to developing inclusive practices in our classrooms and supporting young people in general.

Kathryn Berkett has dedicated over 20 years of her life learning and training about how the brain and body develop and interact – understanding how this influences what we do, say, think, and how we behave. She trains organizations, teams, and schools nationally and internationally around how environmental trauma can impact our development.

Kathryn has her Masters of Educational Psychology and has certified as a Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics practitioner. She has done a TEDx talk titled ‘Neuroscience of Device Zombies’. Kathryn also has a podcast series with the amazing Pio Terei, called “I’ve Got Questions.” A mix of practice and theory has led her to have a fascinating understanding of how everyday stress can impact us and those around us. Understanding the neuroscience of stress can help us develop more biologically respectful assessments and interventions and help us move forward in a more sustainable and focussed way. Kathryn has also spent years learning about the adolescent brain changes and how they impact behavior. She put this into real-life practice by raising her two beautiful children, who are now 16yrs and 19yrs.

If you want to learn more about Kathryn and her work, check out the resources on this website:


  • Please complete all documentation for your professional growth planning by the 21st.

  • The next assembly is on the 2nd of December. Let Patty or me know if you have anything to share.

  • Please join the Google chat group for daily quick messages as needed.

  • We should be using recyclable cups, plates, and cutlery for any birthday parties, etc. Please collect a set to keep in your room. The items can be found in #107


Ethan (Class of 2030)

Ethan started sailing at Yangon Sailing Club back in October 2021. Ethan competed in YSC Combined Fleet Championship 2022 in September, which was also the pre-selection trial for the National team. For the National team, MYF (Myanmar Yachting Federation) only chooses the top 12 optimist sailors (the Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by young people up to the age of 15). During the Championship, Ethan ranked 7th place and got into the National team, and he is the youngest sailor among the top 12. The team is now training for the Southeast Asian Games that will be held in Cambodia in May 2023. Ethan still needs to go through a final selection trial in which only the top 5 sailors will be chosen. Only one sailor among the 12 sailors will be sent to the SEA Games. Ethan is currently attending sailing camps, and when he is in Yangon is training at the Yangon Sailing Club.
We wish Ethan all the very best in his training and the final selection trial.


Monday – Ian, Saw John, Tuesday – Bekka, Mabel, Wednesday – Jono, Me Me, Thursday – Charlie, Swe Zin, Friday – Isabel, Ei Ei

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